General information about our church

Turku Pentecostal Church has about 1600 members. You can find people from all walks of life among us: young and old, families with children, pensioners, students, our Romany brothers and sisters, internationals etc. Our church was established almost 90 years ago. In the beginning the emphasis of the teaching was especially on the baptism of the Spirit and spiritual gifts. This emphasis was not just doctrinal but it was – and still is – a living and practical reality.

Our ministry is based on the universal priesthood and the strong voluntary contribution of the church members. Our common desire is to preach Jesus both in the home country and abroad. Thus, currently we have several missionaries in different corners of the world.

Our services are conducted in a free, natural way, without following a particular liturgy. In all our meetings the Word of God is preached and it is also possible to get intercessory prayer support. With regard to music, we aim at a rich variety and try to take into account the wishes and needs of the members of different age groups.

In our teaching we emphasize the Bible as the guide book for the church and for the spiritual life of every individual. At the same time the work of the Holy Spirit is recognized and this can be seen in practical ministering with the spiritual gifts in the church.

Anyone who has confessed his/her faith in Jesus and has been baptized can become a member of the church. The church does not collect a tax or a membership fee. The ministries are funded by voluntary offerings.